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Exploiting hyaluronan as a natural and effective immunological adjuvant for protein-based vaccines against cancer and infectious diseases

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent hurdles has dramatically highlighted the importance of prevention, renewing societal trust on vaccines. At the same time, the prevention and therapy of chronic and disabling pathologies such as cancer, remain of primary importance for the sanitary system. This “proof of concept” project aims at providing full validation and advancement to a technology that we have recently patented (Italian patent ID n° 102018000009836; WIPO (PCT) WO2020084558A1), i.e. the exploitation of hyaluronan (HA) as a natural and effective adjuvant for protein-based vaccination.

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Bando POC PNRR 2022
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Michele Saviano
Istituto Oncologio Veneto
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