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Research and development of technologies for the hydrogen supply chain

The general objective of this Operational Research Plan (POR) is to develop research activities
in accordance with the national strategy on hydrogen outlined in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) and in line with the position, widespread at European level, which identifies in green hydrogen one of the priority solutions in the medium term for the decarbonisation of the energy system.
Several technologies and applications for hydrogen can be considered potentially suitable for the market, although considerable research and innovation efforts are still needed to improve, in general, their efficiency, duration, producibility, methods of distribution and use on a large scale, as well as reduce their costs. The use of less “critical” materials represents a theme to be addressed. It is estimated, only by way of example, that the growth in the production of electrolysers and fuel cells will be such as to represent between 5% and 18% of the average annual incremental demand for nickel and platinum respectively.
Research and scientific development must therefore focus attention on actions
necessary to significantly innovate current technologies, while ensuring adequate technology transfer.
This research project, developed in synergy by the research institutions involved (ENEA, CNR and RSE), intends to encourage interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary interactions through the sharing of knowledge, skills, experiences, infrastructures and laboratory networks in order to contribute to the increase of qualified critical mass and the pursuit of the challenging objectives that the PNRR sets in the hydrogen sector.
This POR is divided into the following thematic macro-areas, defined as objectives: – Objective 1: Production of green and clean hydrogen
– Objective 2: Innovative technologies for the storage and transport of hydrogen and its transformation into derivatives and e-fuels
– Objective 3: Fuel Cells
– Objective 4: Intelligent integrated management systems to improve the resilience and reliability of intelligent hydrogen-based infrastructures.

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missione 2 “rivoluzione verde e transizione ecologica” – componente 2 “energia rinnovabile, idrogeno, rete e mobilità sostenibile” – investimento 3.5 “ricerca e sviluppo sull'idrogeno"
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